Welcome back, DH!

I see that our beloved DH is back, and we’re able to use scripts.dreamhost.com, manage.dreambook.com, etc., etc. once again. But I also see that you guys have only renewed your domain name to 9/24/2005. So that no one forgets to renew the domain name again in the future, how about renewing it for the 10-year max, to avoid everyone being thrown into turmoil again any time soon! (Obviously, you should do a change of registrar to transfer it out of the evil NetSol’s hands FIRST.)


Okay … who’s going to be spanked this time (LOL!), for not transferring DreamHost.com out of NetSol sooner, esp. when Domainitron is now an ICANN-accredited registrar.

You know what? I actually went to NetSol’s website (around 6:30AM ET this morning) and tried to renew it for you guys, but saw that it has already been done so. Now you know how much I love you guys! :smiley:

Yours Truly, nameslave

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