Weirder bad_httpd_conf


I have this infamous DH error only on my main desktop running XP. Yes, it did work satisfactorily two weeks ago. I can access my site okay from anybody else’s PC or laptop(Vista and XP). I’ve tried all the “cures” including the Change in the edit domain screen, clearing cache, stopping my antivirus, flushdns, reboot, etc, etc… Thank you in advance for any additional ideas?


Confirm that your DNS queries are correct. Note the IP address assigned in the Web Panel (this is on the DNS page, the first “A” record). Then open a Command Prompt window and run the nslookup tool. Regardless of whether or not you specify the DreamHost nameservers when using nslookup you should get the same IP address from the Web Panel. If not try using the OpenDNS nameservers and instead. You can then configure Windows XP to use those if they are correct but whatever you were using before is not.

Some ISPs may have two sets of nameservers as well (e.g. for non-existant domains one set returns the proper error and the other doesn’t) that you can try.

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nslookup dns and the webpanel dns are the same. Thanks for the info.

I just added an A record with . Will test in a few minutes and report back.


Why did you do that?

Here is what I was talking about:

[code]C:\Documents and Settings\User>nslookup
Default Server:


Commands: (identifiers are shown in uppercase, [] means optional)
NAME - print info about the host/domain NAME using default server
NAME1 NAME2 - as above, but use NAME2 as server

help or ? - print info on common commands
set OPTION - set an option
all - print options, current server and host
[no]debug - print debugging information
[no]d2 - print exhaustive debugging information
[no]defname - append domain name to each query
[no]recurse - ask for recursive answer to query
[no]search - use domain search list
[no]vc - always use a virtual circuit
domain=NAME - set default domain name to NAME
srchlist=N1[/N2/…/N6] - set domain to N1 and search list to N1,N2, etc.
root=NAME - set root server to NAME
retry=X - set number of retries to X
timeout=X - set initial time-out interval to X seconds
type=X - set query type (ex. A,ANY,CNAME,MX,NS,PTR,SOA,SRV)
querytype=X - same as type
class=X - set query class (ex. IN (Internet), ANY)
[no]msxfr - use MS fast zone transfer
ixfrver=X - current version to use in IXFR transfer request
server NAME - set default server to NAME, using current default server
lserver NAME - set default server to NAME, using initial server
finger [USER] - finger the optional NAME at the current default host
root - set current default server to the root
ls [opt] DOMAIN [> FILE] - list addresses in DOMAIN (optional: output to FILE)
-a - list canonical names and aliases
-d - list all records
-t TYPE - list records of the given type (e.g. A,CNAME,MX,NS,PTR etc.)
view FILE - sort an ‘ls’ output file and view it with pg
exit - exit the program



Non-authoritative answer:





Server: []

Non-authoritative answer:
Address:[/code]Now if the machine at was a f**ked up DNS resolver I could then configure Windows XP to use instead since it is returning the correct IP address. Notice checking with did not mention “Non-authoritative answer” this means is where all the other DNS resolvers (again, the one assign by your ISP or local network, or OpenDNS etc) get the IP address from to begin with.

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Remove it.

Run CCleaner or an equivalent on the XP machine and power cycle your modem.

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Deleted the A entry, and ran ccleaner and rebooted modem. Tested site with different browsers. Error still exists, only on my desktop.


Did you mess with your HOSTS file at any stage?

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No, haven’t dabbled with host file. Almost all my PC time is on the 'net although I frequently use ccleaner and will also install apps for evaluation, and uninstall, using revouninstaller. The only major difference between my desktop and all the clients where my site works is that it has MS AV (Security Essentials) which I will uninstall today to try to get past this access issue. Thanks for all your time on this.


Is the bad_httpd error only with DH? If so, the remaining solution in my frustrating case is to move it elsewhere. Am I correct?


A bad_httpd error is a custom error used to indicate the internal paths are borked. If other people can view your domain (or you can view your domain from another PC) then the problem is definitely with the PC as opposed to internal routing server-side.

If you haven’t messed with your HOSTS file (open it up in Notepad and look at it), and are sure your caches are cleared (again, manually go in and take a look - or better still, use a different browser) then the only other reason I can think of that would cause one PC to be getting a different result than everyone else’s is that the ISP - or proxy service - is caching the error page and serving it to you.

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Hello again, and many thanks for your follow-up. After two weeks of R&D, I finally found the resolution.

Along the way, somebody had asked if I had messed with the Hosts file, which I did not. However, I consequently viewed it, looking in the alphabetic list, for the site name, but did not see it. Today, I went back to that file and at the very bottom, after Added by Spybot, was the site name, apparently redirected to an i.p. that is the page for the Dreamhost error message cited. I deleted that hosts file and renamed a backup to Hosts, and all works.

Just amazing, but fixed. Thanks again for your time. I apologize for any inconvenience. Hopefully this will help somebody in the future.


Might want to look into why SpyBot did that.

Take a quick gander at your online files in SFTP to see if any have been changed recently. Could be that SpyBot picked up on an injected exploit while you were visiting your site or something.

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Actually, I mistyped. Next to the end of the hosts file, which contains a long list of sites (alpa order) via Spybot, is a line to the effect End of Spybot List (or similar) and then, after the Spybot list, came the injection of my site with the ip of the DH error message. As to how it got there, I have no clue. I missed it the first time a few days ago because I looked alphabetically since the list was so long. But, there it was at the end of the list and, after the fixing, all is well all day today. My knowledge expands with each error and again with each fix.