Weird Results from time()

I’ve been using time() in one of my scripts to generate ids for items placed into a database. Then later when they are displayed I used the following to get the month and the day:

$day = date(“d”, $id);
$month = date(“M”, $id);

I get anything from February 23 1997 to October 02 2019

What’s wrong here?

It’s impossible to tell for sure based on just the code snippet you’ve given us, but I’ll offer up one thing that I would be sure to pay attention to: Make sure that the database column is numeric or that you are properly converting from an integer to a datetime in your queries.

On a somewhat tangential note, using time() to generate a primary key is probably not something that’s going to be a good long term idea. time() has a granularity of seconds, which means that if you get two INSERT operations within the same second, you’re going to get a failed unique constraint, and one of your users is going to get an error.

Oddly the issue seemed to fix itself.

Also, the issue with using time to generate primary keys isnt much of a concern for me because its a single user app.