Weird problem im having

Ok, so the intro to my website has a simple picture that is a link to enter the main page. However, when i click the link nothing loads… it just sits there like I didn’t do anything. If I right click and sleect open link in new window it doesn’t load. However… If I simply go to the top URL and type the site, it loads the link just fine.

I’ve also had some friends check it for me, and it loads just fine for them. Anyone know why it’s doing this to me?

might be a cached page in your browser. Try clearing out your Cache reload the page. Then see if it works. If not posts the URL here so I can look at the HTML and see if there is something off there.


When asking questions like this, always provide a URL so other people can take a look at it. You’ll never get an answer if people have to just blindly guess.

thanks guys, i figured it out though, thanks for your time