Weird phone call about domain


I just got a weird phone call on my phone a few minutes ago and I am not sure what to think about it. When I answered (it came up as an unknown number, which means called ID was blocked) a guy asked me if I ran, which I do own and kind of use as a fun/play site to test new things and to put some general stuff on the web. The site is purely personal and has no business connections of any kind with it. The guy proceeded to ask me if I took credit cards on the site. When I told him that the site did not take credit cards, that it was a personal site and then asked him who he was and why he was calling he hung up.

So I went in a double checked everything about the site. When I re-registered it this year at godaddy, they snuck in a ‘private registration’ thing that I did not notice until I saw the bill (which is why I will not be using godaddy again after the year runs out, probably transfer the registration here to keep everything together), but it provides a proxy contact for the domain, so none of my contact information is visible through a whois search, nor is any contact information available through the website. So I am not sure how this guy got my number int he first place. Secondly, nothing seemed out of place or anything about the site or the registration information. Is there anything I should be worried about? I guess the guy could have been making a sales call, but I do not want that happening.

Am I just being paranoid?


I think you are just being paranoid but NEVER EVER use godaddy again they are the PITS.


You said that you got a private registration when you REREGISTERED the domain.

Was your contact information available from your original registration? If so, it’s in a database somewhere and someone (probably many someones) has it. It’s pretty hard to put that genie back in the bottle.

Good luck!