Weird mail connection


i’m a new user to DreamHost. I have a little problem with my mail accounts. I have Thunderbird open at home that fetch my mail each 10 mins. When i’m at work, sometimes by Thunderbird at some is still open, and i open Thunderbird at work too that fetch my mail each 10 mins too. It could work for 2-3 hours, but after this it seems to don’t be able to retrieve new mail. No error message, seems to be ok, like if i’m not having new mail. But if i close thunderbird and open it, all the new mail appears…

I’m sure it’s not a Thunderbird problem cause i’m having no problem with my old hosting service and don’t have any problem with another account on another hosting. The problem seems specific about DreamHosts.

Any idea?
thx for help


Are you using imap or pop? I have found that sometimes with some hosting systems that only one POP connection per hostname ( can be made at one time. So it may be that pop requests from home and work eventually collide. On Thunderbird I have had this happen sometimes and Thunderbird just waits and waits for the connection until I shutdown ThunderBird.

I have not notice it happen on an IMAP connection though.



Sorry i didn’t mention it. I use only imap for all my mail accounts. Could it be the same things with imap here ?

thx for help


I experience the same problem with IMAP in Thunderbird. I use it from work (via SSH tunnel home). I also use OS X at home, and it has no problems. Any new information or troubleshooting ideas?

I’ve tried with/without IDLE support. I’ve tried lowering “cached connections” to 1.


I still have this problem, and like i said, it’s not thunderbird the main problem, cause with all my others mails account elsewhere i didn’t have this problem. Any idea someone?