Weird error when creating database

Hello, I just signed up with Dreamhost a few hours ago and attempted to create a MySQL database. Except, I got the following error after I selected the plan to associate the MySQL database with and clicked the continue button:

connect_admin failed for nobnin:guthrie

Any ideas what is going on and how I can fix it?

Nevermind, after waiting over the night it is all working now.

i have this problem, can anyone help

all threads on the subject in this forum say its a temporary problem i hope it it cuz i receive the message for 4 hrs now and the registration of my account is 2 months old so its not a “new account” issue
hope support is working on it

Yeah I had this issue last night. Similar situation to yourself. I asked support about it and they know it is something which raises it’s head every so often. Like a lot of the posts it was fine for me this morning. Support said if I had details then I should contact them and they’d look at it, but as it’s okay now there doesn’t seem to be a point. You might want to do this though.

It’s the 13th and I also am getting “connect_admin failed for nobnin:lancaster”

I think this should be fixed as of about 4:15 Pacific time. Let me know if you’re still getting this error.

Addendum - looks like that fix didn’t work, but it’s being looked into.

Just to let the frustrated ones out there know…you’re not alone. I’m getting that ‘connect_admin failed for nobnin:lancaster’ error message as well. I was clueless as to what was going on since it was my first time setting up a database. Thanks for starting the topic and clueing me in!