Weird Cron Problem with PlanetPlanet

I am using PlanetPlanet for some RSS aggregation. I have a cron job that automatically updates every so often. This was working for almost a year now. But suddenly last week it stopped working.

I can go on the command line an execute the command from my home directory: cd /home/homedir/planet/; python technews/config.ini and it works perfectly. However, adding that to crontab: */30 * * * * cd /home/homedir/planet/; python technews/config.ini will return this error: Configuration missing [Planet] section.

Any idea what might cause these differences?

No idea, however… I resolved that via a bash script…
vicm3@f:~$ more
cd planet
python linux/config.ini

For some unknow reason (at least for me) planet don’t get the right path, but the script yes.
Try… to put your planet on a script and test (you can see, first I change to my own home, then to planet directory and then execute planet with his config path), as it work for me I don’t try further but maybe an absolute config path would work.


That worked! Thanks!