Weebly DNS


I have built a website using Weebly and am trying to set it up with my hosting which is with dreamhost.

I am supposed to change the A group (I believe that is what it is called) to a new IP address but I cannot for the life of me get this to work.

I have read that I am supposed to remove the “full” hosting that it has and then click DNS and add them, but nothing is happening when I do this.

Does anyone here have any ideas or experience with weebly? Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!!![hr]
Sorry, A-Record…not A-group…got some terminology screwed up.


you have pretty much state the procedure, make sure the domain or subdomain is not fully hosted and then add an A-record via the DNS link.

One thing, it make take longer for the DNS to fully propagate however. You will most likely not immediately have access via the new A record. it can take 4-24 hours for DNS to fully propagate and maybe longer to some worldwide locations.

Am I simply supposed to add one A-record with the IP or do I have more to do?

I was unaware of DNS taking a while to fully propagate as I have a webmaster for all of my other websites. So, I will wait a while before doing more to see if it worked this time

Thank you very much for your reply as well. I appreciate it

I did a weebly A-record for someone long ago, and it seems like it was just a single IP. My memory also was that the weebly instructions were pretty straight forward.

If you would like the technical explanation of why propagation takes time read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNS_propagation#Record_caching

Thank you very much! It is working now thank to you. I really appreciate it

new guy here also using weebly. My site keeps coming up and down over the past few days. Is this due to the server issues at dreamhost? I have a trouble chit in now with the technical folks.
Just thought of something. Would it be better to direct the weebly site to my dreamhost server than the other way around? tks,

If you have created and A-record as was disc used here all dreamhost is doing for you is providing name services pointing a particular name to an IP address. This has nothing to do with dreamhosts web servers.

you can certainly set a dreamhost site up, i don’t believe that weebly gives you any ability to redirect your weebly address however.

Thank you very much.