Webspace slow! auctions affected!


I was watching my auctions on ebay in their last few hours and decided to load one to see the counter. The image of my painting on auction which is located on my webspace wasn’t loading. This happened just some months ago too.

I cannot have an unreliable webspace hosting which makes my auction painting images unavailable like this during the last crucial hours. I am once again worried that the important last few hours of my auctions will be affected by dreamhosts slow-downs in service.






No offence, but what do you want us to tell you? You’ve posted similiar topics twice before. If that’s all the outages you’ve had, a few hours every 3 or 4 months, that’s pretty good. How many auctions have gone through with out hitch?

Why not set up some kind of a backup system. Set up an account with image cave (a free image hosting service) when your dreamhost account goes down, switch your auctions over to image cave for the few hours till your DH server is back up. You’re limited on your bandwidth at these places, but I would suspect it could handle a few hours worth of traffic.

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