Websites wiped out by Passenger

I have multiple websites (a domain and 23 sub-domains) that have been completely trashed. When I go to them now, I see a big “Web application could not be started” error thrown up by something called “Phusion Passenger”. It’s a system for deploying Ruby On Rails applications, apparently.

But I’ve never used Passenger or RoR. I contacted tech support yesterday, and Jeremy T. confirmed that it was caused by a Passenger upgrade that Dreamhost performed last week.

He said that they would send me an e-mail when they had more info, but it’s been almost 24 hours and I haven’t heard a word.

Has anyone else seen or experienced this? Or am I just lucky?

After not quite two days, I received a message from DreamHost tech support, telling me about the error (although I am a web developer, I had some trouble following the explanation) and saying that the sites were back up. Sure enough, they were!

For three hours.

Now, instead of a Phusion Passenger error, I get a generic 500 Internal Server Error and once again SSH access is lost. In fact, I was in the middle of cleaning up some old, unused domains when this happened (no, the errors are not because I deleted something important; nothing I can do should make SSH cut off in the middle of a session and make logging in impossible).

Here’s a followup:

Once more my sites are down and all access (HTTP, SSH) is blocked. They had it up for about 30 minutes earlier today.

An e-mail from tech support says that they think I am running Node (presumably NodeJS) because they detected calls to /modules/node/node.css in the server logs, and so they have banned my account.

Actually, that’s a Drupal module that is the core of the entire Drupal system, nothing to do with NodeJS!

Meanwhile, another domain that is hosted on the same account still has the Phusion Passenger error that started when they screwed up the Passenger update two weeks ago. If I try to use PHPMyAdmin from the Dreamhost control panel, I also get the Passenger error.

All I need now is database access so that I can dump my databases. FTP is working (but not SFTP, because that relies on SSH), so I have downloaded all the assets and other important files. Once that is done, I have no reason to stay with Dreamhost and, given the experience of the past two weeks, I would be an idiot not to change.