I’ve uploaded my files using FTP to my root/homedirectory/ it show my files there but when I go to it only show the file folders & not my website. Is there somewhere else I should move my files or something I’m missing? How do I get my website up and running?
Any help Please.


What is the url to your site? Are files there as well as folders, or just other folders showing up?

Do you have a “default” file properly named so that when someone browses to your site it is “automagically loaded”?

You might want to take a look at the DH wiki to see how to name your site’s homepage.



My site is
I just checked the site again & now none of the files are working should I delete them & upload them again?


Well, first of all, you have one extra “” directory. There is a “” directory inside the “” directory that is in your username directory. You need to have your files, and image directories, inside that directory.

Secondly, your site files, and image directories do not appear to be complete (your images are being called from directories that do not exist).

I suggest you start over, and upload all the files, and directories for your site into the directory you are placed into when you connect via FTP.

That should get you sorted. :wink:



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