How long does it usually take a website to be visible online because i uploaded it on friday and still isnt visible when i go to the page it just shows index of /…


Almost immediately.

Sounds like you’ve uploaded your files into the wrong folder mate.

Did you upload them via ftp?

In your Panel click Domains then click on the WebFTP link under your domain name.
Your website files have to be inside that folder to show online at

If you don’t see anything in there come back and someone will help you sort it out.


You must’ve uploaded to the wrong place, or not given your “home page” one of the default filenames (such as index.php or index.html). If you can see the directory listing, the site is already visible. You must put your web files in your domain folder to make them visible to the web.

The path should be: /home/username/

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thank you for your help
so when i upload my website it asks what fold would like to be stored in should i put webftp?


Put them in the folder “”, where “yourdomain” is your domain name.

That is unless you’ve changed the site root, which i’m assuming you’ve not.


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