I have a myspace clone script does or this violates the Terms of use of dreamhost?

And also i’m planing to have a website like imeem or something similar but i dont allow music uploading and downloading only music streaming using flash player and all music are formated for low quality to avoid music piracy and can also be embed to other website, or blogs. is this possible to host with dreamhost?

Please tell me if i any of my plan will violates any of the TOS of the dreamhost?

I’m Glad to be Hosted /w DH
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The simple question : does your website have copyright issues ?

If the answer is yes, then it’s theoretically not allowed on most hosting companies.

In facts, as long as there is no problem with it, the hosting almost never shut it off (what about all these youtube videos with copyrighted music in background ?!).

But if there are legal problems ans they receive a letter from a lawyer, they usually shut off the website (who want to be involved in a legal action for a singe customer ?!).

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Say, where in the law does it say that you can stream copyrighted music at low bitrates without the approval of the copyright holder?

Does this mean that I can broadcast on AM radio for free? That would be incredible!

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If you can figure out how to get away with that, let me know and sign me up!

The original music pirates were pirate radio, though the term “license” has a double meaning in that context. :wink:
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A. I don’t know, they just “Arrrr!”


I could be wrong.

From what I understand, it does not mean that you are allowed to use the music if you do not allow uploading or downloading (distributing). Once you use the copyrighted materials without permission, it is considered as infringement of copyright.

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