Website You may own; Please Help

I am JD Keller, Commander, The American Legion, China Post 1 Philippines
FB: China Post 1 American Legion.

We are the main supporter group for the Northern Luzon Assoc. of the Blind, A School for Blind Children here in Baguio City Philippines.

Somehow you now control their website:

Country/Flag US United States
City/Region/Zip Code Brea, California 92821
Organization New Dream Network, LLC
Internet Service Provider New Dream Network, LLC

NLABSCHOOL4BLIND.ORG - Domain Information
Domain NLABSCHOOL4BLIND.ORG [ Traceroute RBL/DNSBL lookup ]
Registrar OVH (R135-LROR)

This was one of the only ways this school can raise money to support the Blind Children here in Luzon Island, Philippines. How can the school get this website back in their control please? These are very poor people and need all the help we can give them in funding and project support. Your attention and assistance will be greatly appreciated.

JD Keller
Commander, Am. Legion China Post 1 Philippines
Jr. Vice Commander, Dist 7 Dept of the Pacific VFW
Sgt. USMC - RVN '63- 69

I looked more than one place online for info on NLABSCHOOL4BLIND.ORG and didn’t see records any records at all. Meaning I don’t think that domain is currently registered.

Lake Rat, it shows it is owned by Dream NetWorks and we cannot retrieve the photos or anything on the NLAB web site…hope they can assist us. Thanks for your efforts as well.

This guy is BS

[quote]JD Keller
Commander, Am. Legion China Post 1 Philippines
Jr. Vice Commander, Dist 7 Dept of the Pacific VFW
Sgt. USMC - RVN '63- 69 [/quote]

The Am. Legion has nothing to do with the VFW and no one person would be a “Commander” of one and a “Jr. Vice Commander” (whatever that’s supposed to be) of the other…

As for NLABSCHOOL4BLIND.ORG domain… it has been deleted from ICANN records and is available for registration by anyone who wishes to do so.

They are two different Service Organizations, of which I have been a long time member…VFW life member and The American Legion…Obviously you are not familiar with the structure of either organization. You CAN be a member AND an officer in both!!! Suggest you fact check before you mouth off.

There are 7 districts in the VFW Dept. of the Pacific:

In addition The American Legion China Post 1 Philippines is in Baguio City PH…

It appears the domain once registered and had DNS service with DreamHost. What is not being given is a timeframe.

The information on that page appears to have been generated on September 26, 2013 (136 days before the domain registration expiration date). So we know the information on this page out of date, and appears someone let the domain registration lapse since the domain is no longer registered.

The OP is trying to access the content from the account that hosted the web site.

I figured that out after the first reply.

Dreamhost won’t be able to help access an account that he can’t prove ownership of tho. They will either need to track that information down or perhaps see of the wayback machines contents are helpful to them for what they want to recover:*/http://NLABSCHOOL4BLIND.ORG which looks like a Feb 2013 copy is the most recent available there.

[quote=“johndkeller, post:5, topic:61440”]
Suggest you fact check before you mouth off. [/quote]
I could say the same to you since the domain in question is NOT hosted at Dreanhost.

I will notify the school that it looks as if this is a lost cause, trying to recover their old website. Lots of history for them was lost, and photos, unfortunately. Many thanks to those who attempted to help. We will get some more professional advise on redoing a website for NLAB.
Thanks again…
JD also suggest that it was possibly hosted at You may wish to try there to see if they have any backups.

There person or company that you want to locate to recover the old site contenets is whoever owned the account at dreamhost. That may have been the organization itself, or it may have been a web developer etc.

As far as the domain itself goes, if you want the same one back it’s not currently registered so it can be re-registered at this time.