Website with a forum, wiki and multiple blogs


I am after some advice on what 3rd party software I should use. I run a forum and would like to add some member blogs (half a dozen) and a wiki.

I currently have phpBB installed but nothing else.

I would love to hear some suggestions about what steps to take and what software I should be using.


I’d start adding subdomains like and,, etc, then add their links to your forum template header.

Thanks Scott.

I am okay with the frontend of things I am just unsure about what 3rd party software to install.

ie. I already have phpBB installed (, do I need to install wordpress and then use it to make individual blogs (and give each one a subdomain?) or does wordpress need to be installed multiple times.

Or should I be using a CMS (ie Joomla) to control everything?

I’d use Wikipedia for the wiki, and individual installations of WordPress for the blogs. You can do WordPress Multi-User, but that’s best suited for multiple users with same or similar needs. WordPress is pretty easy to manage on an individual basis, at least for a handful of installations.