Website was erased

Hi. Dreamhost manages my website domain. My website was built with Wordpress. I tried to install wordpress as a one-click tool but now my website is down and has been replaced by a new wordpress website with no content. How do I fix this ?

IIRC, a one-click will also create a new, empty database—hence, no content.

Check here to see if your old database is still there. If so, you can edit wp-config.php to point at the old database.

You may have lost any files (i.e., pictures) that you uploaded if the one-click install wrote over your old site files. Do you have backups of your site?

so sad,
contact hosting, they must have a backup.

Hey Francis_St-Jacques, Its sad to hear that your website was erased. The same issue happened to me and as per my information, Dreamhost services are really nice and it can happen sometime that your hosting services might get down due to the fact that you are unable to take the backup, Well please make your backup regularly and still in your case, please contact your Support team to take of this matter.

If you have just installed word-press then it must have replaced the previous data. if you haven’t erased anything then go in c panel file-manager and check there must be some folder for your data.

It is incredibly important to have a backup of your site files and database before doing things to your website, especially if you aren’t familiar with what you are doing. While Dreamhost may be able to restore your site, all hosts tell people that it is their ultimate responsibility to download and keep backups of their site because sometimes they can’t restore it. I’ve been there when I was first using WP years ago (different host), please consider taking this opportunity to learn how to back up your site (then you’ll never need to worry about restoration not being a possibility):

These things don’t happen spontaneously, unfortunately sometimes we break stuff by our actions while learning (and that’s okay), especially because backups can save the day! I hope they were able to help you get it sorted out. :slight_smile:

Also, would be helpful to know what you were trying to do with the new install so the helpful folks here can advise you on how to do it next time and avoid the situation. Were you wanting a new/clean/empty install? Because that’s what the one-click install does. Were you wanting to update wordpress? That’s a completely different story. There are lots of guides on Dreamhost to do Dreamhost things, and Wordpress has their own guides for doing things with Wordpress. Reading the guides before doing things related to installation and update can help prevent problems, so I’ve linked some here. Anyway, best of luck with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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