Website via DH, email via google apps

Here’s what I’m trying to do…

-Move a website from google apps to DH so that and resolve to DH.
-Leave the email and other services (docs, calendar, etc.) on google apps
-I don’t want to change email addresses to a subdomain. For example, we currently have and I don’t want to switch that to

The back story. I’m coming into a site that has the DNS handled by yahoo small business. Everything seems to be pointing to google apps via cnames on yahoo small business. I tried simply changing the dns to DH’s name servers but that broke email and general mayhem ensued.

Thanks in advance!

That should work. I am in the process of moving to DreamHost from another host, but I currently use Google Apps for two of my domains while having webhosting with the webhost. DreamHost makes it easy to change the domain settings that Google Apps requires.

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I flipped the switch on one of my domains (changed ns servers to DH) and my Google Apps email works fine.

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I have this setup for 1 of my domains. This is what I did.

o Change the DNS servers for your domain to DH’s

o Modify the MX records for the domain in your Panel at DH from this link.

o This is the servers that I used per Google’s FAQ.

o Enjoy webhosting from DH and your email at Google Apps. :slight_smile:


The basic procedure is to set up hosting at DH, set up subdomains and MX records at DH that point to Google Apps, then switch the DNS to point to DH. You can even test your email using the DH-assigned usernames (e.g. “m[serial_number]@mail.[name_of_mail_server]”) before switching DNS.

– Quena