Website URL before Domain Transfer?


I just signed up with Dreamhost and I am in the process of transferring my domain name to Dreamhost. I do not have an individual IP address. Is there a URL that I can use to access my site before the domain gets transferred?

For example, if my domain is and it has not yet transferred is there a URL such as or

Thank you for any help.


I found this:

Which says "Viewing your site before your domain is up!

If you’d like to view your uploaded site on our servers (to check that everything is working, or whatever!) before your domain is up, you can! Simply go to the Domain > Add Domain area of our web panel and add a free sub-domain (e.g. “”). Choose it to be a “mirror” domain and set it up to mirror your real domain that hasn’t gone live yet. When you’re done, within an hour you’ll be able to see your site at exactly as it will be when your domain is transferred!"

I’ve signed up, we’ll see if it works.

That worked fine when I started. Welcome to DreamHost!

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The instructions say to use, but it doesn’t appear to have worked. Did you use or

When I try to register I get the following error: Another user owns If you’d like to manage this domain you will need to log in to the web panel as this user.

According to the directions, they say add a free sub-domain. I don’t see an option to add a free subdomain. I only see: Add hosting for a Domain or Sub-Domain

Sorry to be a pain.


Hi Keith!

  1. I used “” when I started, but that was simply before they invented “”. You should use “”.

  2. You should use the item “Add hosting for a Domain or Sub-Domain” and simply write “” (replace “kyanachik” with whatever you want the temporary subdomain to be called).

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Thank you - I was being impatient for the subdomain to be created. using is working now. Thank you for your help.