Website unreachable almost every day

I have several websites that are hosted at, and I use a monitoring service to check its uptime/downtime. Recently I’ve noticed that my website is unreachable almost every day! My website is and it is running on the achilles dreamhost server.

This is a log of my website’s down times –

1/20 3:19pm-3:50pm
1/20 8:03am-8:35pm
1/19 4:45pm-5:16pm
1/15 8:07pm-8:37pm
1/13 2:01pm-2:24pm
1/11 10:54pm-11:17pm
1/11 4:43pm-5:09pm
1/11 4:12am-4:35am
1/11 2:17am-2:39am
1/9 12:01pm-12:24pm
1/9 2:03am-2:26am
1/8 6:10pm-6:33pm
1/7 10:34am-10:57am
1/6 11:00am-11:22am

Is there something that needs to be fixed on the server? Help?!

DJ Chuang

yep, even this forum was also down for some time.

maybe --> I guess --> I hope DH was upgrading their server.

I think only DH can answer the question.

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just out of curiosity, how are you monitoring the up- and down-times?

I did not monitor it.

I just tried to come to the forum but it said server was down.

It seems DH server is up and down too often at the beginning of 2007 :stuck_out_tongue:

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sorry, that was directed at the original poster.

You might want to pass that list to support. They may be able to identify network events with your outages.


I use 2 monitoring systems: and