Website Transfer : Need Help


I very much need to transfer my website from a cPanel/WHM account to my server space here at Dreamhost.

I am totally lost.

Just copying files is easy but my site uses an SQL database and I do not want to take the chance of screwing it up.

Can someone help me please?



You also posted this in the Troubleshooting forum. Please don’t crosspost.

  1. Create a Fully Hosted Domain
  2. FTP all of your files into your home directory’s directory
  3. Create a MySQL database
  4. Dump your database to a file (does your site have a DB Dump option?)
  5. Load that file into your MySQL database here

Here are some wiki articles: And click on the bracketed 1 for the cPanel instructions

And here’s a handy article for how to test your site before it goes live:


Hi Scott…

The website in question is one I need going asap and I can not take a chance of screwing it up.

How much would you charge me to do it for me.

One site at one domain.


Sorry, I’m not for hire. There are many other talented admins here. Maybe one of them could jump in.


Thank you…

There really isn’t anything to screw up. I’m assuming your old host has phpmyadmin? If so just log into it and export the database. I just save to .sql without compression. It’s just a matter then of creating a database here on DH and logging into phpmyadmin over here and importing the file. Finishing step is to be sure you update whatever files on your website that reference the database (so you update the hostname, database name, user name and password). I charge to do this for people but me helping you do it yourself is free :slight_smile: . I promise I have much patience and can walk you through the process step-by-step. Send me a pm or just post another message here if you are interested in my assistance. I’m usually off of work by 9p.m. CST most days but i’m off all day Tuesday.
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)/forum(phpbb,smf,etc) install/transfer $75.
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Thank you for the reply.

Thing is, I’ve used WHM and cPanel for years but don’t know anything about sql.

I have worked on this site, getting it ready for a couple of weeks. Now… After years of having a Master Reseller Account at the same place, they have announced they will be shutting down in 4 more days.

This timing could not be worse as I have just lost my job and was I tring to get this site ready for me to start making money with.

It is a magazine fundraising site with a nice shopping cart. Site is

I wish to switch the whole site to Dreamhost and am afraid that if something goes wrong, it will be screwed up and I will not be able to get it right again.

I mean switching the domain and all files and making it link up with the DB here at DH correctly.

Just for curiosity, what would it cost me for you to do it?

Thank you very much,

And yes… latest WHM and cPanel, includeing phpmyadmin.


I charge 75.00 to do it. I’m going to send you an e-mail in a few seconds so if makes it into your spam folder be sure to check it XD
PM for custom CMS(drupal,joomla,etc)/Blog(WP,MT,etc
)/forum(phpbb,smf,etc) install/transfer $75.
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