Website traffic?

ok simple question…
how can i get more visitors/traffic to my website…
without having to pay etc,yes i know im a cheap skate but hey im just starting a website and looking to find cheapest ways possible to make my site a success.

somebody told me:

a very basic thing is to submit your site to all the search engines. although some people say it is useless, i believe it is helpful at the beginning.

next, you need to tell people your domain name. a lot of people do posting in forum. But be polite, don’t talk nonsense.

most important thing is the content of your website. If the content is interesting, people will do the advertisement for you. If not, save your time :wink:

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First step would be to submit to search engines, they should find it eventually themselves but it doesn’t hurt to submit yourself

open directory

Most search engines will either use data from these or have a submit link somewhere.

You can also submit sitemaps or rss urls to yahoo and google.

There is also various social sites you can submit pages too such as,,, etc. Just submit your site and hope people like it and vote it up.

If you have a blog there is which submits posts to different services. Wordpress submits to this automatically and I assume other blog software does too.

You can also submit to forums but I would suggest only submitting to forums relevant to your sites content.

You can also post comments on other blogs, a lot will allow you to fill out a url that creates a link on your name.

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thanks all…
all information has been very helpful.

There are various things that you can do to make it easy for people to find your site, but the one thing there is no substitute for is good, original content. It makes people want to link to your site and it keeps people coming back as well.

You can always search-engine optimize your site later, but you can’t retrofit your site with good content.

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You guys all missed the obvious place to ask this question - there’s a whole forum section devoted to just this topic. Ask there for some real experience.

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