Website still showing "still being worked on"


Hi all, I am a complete noob to hosting a website, and I cant seem to get my webpage to appear properly. I have connected via FTP to the server and put my index.html file in the “” folder. I have also deleted the index file that was there when I first connected. Opening the html file I uploaded locally, works fine, but when I go to the webpage, it still has the message "“still being worked on” and doesn’t show my webpage. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

(webpage is


Looks like your site is still being hosted at Hover. You’ll probably need to change the DNS address to point to your DreamHost server, or transfer the domain to DreamHost.


You will want to update your DNS records where the domains DNS is currently managed and point it to DreamHost for hosting. Please see:


Ah, thanks for the help guys. I just had to change the nameservers/DNS like you said, and it works fine now. Many thanks


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