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Currently, I am facing some speed issues regarding my website carpet cleaner picks . Search console and pagespeed insights is showing CLS AND LCP errors. How can I solve these errors? Will upgrading the hosting solve this problem? I am using shared hosting. I can upgrade to the VPS if necessary

While there are benefits to hosting upgrades, that will not resolve your issues. Google Page Speed explains how to fix each issue. If that is not sufficiently clear to you, search the internet to see how others dealt with it. That’s what we all do :slight_smile:


I just checked the speed of your site using Pingdom’s Website Speed Test and GTmetrix’s Performance Report. According to both tools, your site is loading in about two seconds, which is pretty quick.

When I checked your site using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, the desktop version of your site scored a 94 and had no CLS or LCP errors, and the mobile version of your site scored a 74 and had those errors.

For reference, I also analyzed YouTube with Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, and it scored a 30 and 23, respectively.

In other words, your site is already pretty fast, and in my view, you can pretty much disregard those CLS and LCP errors. Also, upgrading to VPS hosting will have no effect on the CLS or LCP errors, insofar as they are a result of how your website was coded, not how it’s being hosted.

Generally, people upgrade their hosting so their sites can handle more visitors and traffic. For instance, shared hosting can handle fewer visitors than a VPS, and a VPS can handle fewer visitors than a dedicated server.

Considering you’re using WordPress to manage your site, you may want to consider upgrading to DreamPress hosting at some point in the future. DreamPress Plus comes with a CDN, which will ensure your site loads consistently for your visitors, regardless of where they are located geographically.

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