Website running too slow, what should i do?

Hi, webmasters.
I am a junior web-developer and do SEO as well. This particular site is my last project. It is Wordpress based, i made a new design, content sections, links to social media, pictures and reviews, etc. The problem with it is that loads not as fast as i expected, how should i proceed in the optimization?
What techniques should i use to make it perfect?

Analyze your site at: and follow the suggestions in the report.

Fix the problems, test again until you’ve achieved the performance you’re after.

Also, find a good WordPress forum where site owners like you discuss issues specific to WP.

Your inquiry is way too open but you did say “junior” so I’ll cut you a lot of slack. We all go through this school of hard knocks. But you need to do your homework. “I created a site and it’s slow, what do I do?” can target you as being a troll or very lazy, here or in any forum, and the response is often hostile.

There are thousands of forum posts, blogs, and articles on the topic of WordPress optimization. The topic has been discussed extensively in this forum as well. If you look at my profile and from there my forum posts over the last year, you’ll see a lot of soul searching on this topic, the problems I’ve found, and the remedies I’ve used.

Please tell us what you’ve already done to detect or improve performance. Try to focus on specific aspects of the site. What plugins are you using to improve performance? What heavy plugins or theme tools are you using? Here are some bullet items that are common targets. You can research each in your own time:

  • Compress images
  • Combine and compress scripts and CSS. You have a TON of scripts linked from your pages and a TON of inline CSS. Get it out of there.
  • Move some assets to the bottom of pages, they’ll load after the page is rendered to improve the perception of load time.
  • Use a plugin for caching.
  • Use a CDN - we get it for free here.
  • The homepage slider isn’t working (latest Firefox) and contributes nothing to the site. It’s there as an alternative to content blocks - it’s form without function. The slider code is huge. Try removing that.
  • Use plugins to tell you everything that’s running, you might see bottlenecks
  • Use browser tools to see file sizes, network timing, and script/page timing
  • Shared hosting is notoriously slow. Depending on the number and size of your plugins and the traffic load, there will be a number of issues supporting a “real” site in shared space.
  • Check your php.ini / phprc for memory allocation
  • Check your error log
  • Turn on WP debugging and see if errors are reported
  • And yeah, really, Google for “wordpress performance”, there’s enough material to keep you occupied for years

Post back when you have some info. HTH

pulled the loading waterfall from gtmetrix and see that it’s only taking 350ms or so to get a response from the server. Then it takes another 2 seconds! just to load all the fonts and nonsense you have going on there. I mean, there are 10 different fonts loading there… seriously? Fonts are a big resource, as a general rule, I keep it down to 2-3 fonts (including weights), and use system standard fonts when possible.

Then you have so many css libraries: slick.css, magnific-popup.css, bootstrap, that carosel thing, etc… plus skype and all the other stuff…

All those icons are individual files… this is an additional HTTP request for each file. The reason people combine all their CSS and JS and stuff into one file is the same reason people use sprite sheets for things like this

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