Website Running Slowly


I’ve been with DreamHost for a few months now and had no problem with the service. Ever since last week however I’ve been noticing some periodic slow-loading times.

Around this time last week there were 2 hours or so where my site was taking 10 seconds to load (usually takes around 0.5) - and again today and yesterday I’m suffering a similar problem. Naturally, because I’m running Wordpress, this is both annoying for my visitors and me as an author as I’m not able to use the admin panel efficiently.

I’m aware these things happen occassionally - I shrugged it off last week [even though last week was the busiest week for my site in terms of new content because of a consumer event] but now that it has occurred two days running I’m getting a bit concerned.

My bandwidth usage is slightly higher this month [13GB] - could this be the reason for the slower load times?

Having compressed my Wordpress site as much as I possibly can (and getting a usual load time of 0.4-0.5 seconds), I’m wondering if I’m at fault here?

I’m on the yearly $120 package by the way.

And my websites address is – I’m into the third hour of slow running times now.