Website Problems - Site Down


Last week my site would go offline for five minutes, back on for five minutes, and so on and so forth until I sent a ticket to support. They said it was an issue with the SQL database and should be resolved.

This morning, I tried accessing my site again and it’s down completely. I receive an error message about the SQL Database (which I’m tech illiterate and don’t know what that means) again. I submitted a ticket again, but is anyone else having problems as of late? Or is it just me?


My website is down, again! This is extremely frustrating, having paid money in good faith for Dreamhost to keep my site running. In two separate tickets, I’ve been told the SQL on their end (I’m not tech savy) was the problem and their engineers have since fixed it, and it does work for a while, then I’m back to being offline a week later.

I submitted ticket number three…if this doesn’t get permanently resolved, I’m taking my business elsewhere.


And your site is?


I would have posted it earlier, but wasn’t sure if that violated forum rules.

I received an email from DreamHost about files being transfered to a new server due to the replacement of hardware…and I received another email a few hours later that my files should load normally…but they don’t.

When trying to access my site, I receive this error message:

Warning: require_once(cache/apiCache.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home.restoring/vmp0514/ on line 42

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘cache/apiCache.php’ (include_path=’/home.restoring/vmp0514/’) in /home.restoring/vmp0514/ on line 42

I submitted another ticket for this issue, just an FYI.


Quick and dirty solution: Uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin mentioned in the error message (“official-google-site-verification-plugin”) will solve your problem. You may even be able to skip reinstalling it; I believe that plugin is only needed once while you’re verifying your site with Google, and never again.

If that isn’t acceptable, let our Support staff know and they can dig up the missing files for you.


And the site does appear to be working properly as of the time I posted this message.