Website Problems - Joomla and Dreamhost - HELP?

I recently had issues with sending and receiving emails which seems to have been sorted. Now however, the website seems to have reverted back to an old website from years ago. I assume we are hosted by Dreamhost and I edit the website through Joomla. I can no longer access Joomla editing as well.

What’s happening? I’m asking on here as I’m in the UK and am unable to take callbacks so I urgently need someones advice.



if you urgently need advice, you’d need to provide a lot more information than that in order for someone to help you. And there aren’t many people that regularly contribute to this board, so you might consider stackexchange or hiring someone who knows what they are doing

Let’s start with the phrase “I assume we are hosted by Dreamhost”, give us a URL so we can figure out if you are correct or not on that…

most contributing here are customers so you have to give us every detail, we can’t look anything private up or figure out what your URL is…