Website only showing up as Index

I know this is probably a very simple fix, however, I can’t figure out how to make my website actually show up the way it is supposed to in the browser…css and html designed website, not just an index site.

Any suggestions and help is much appreciated.

While it’s unclear what is happening now you probably need a file named index.html

See the very bottom sections of this page (titled Creating an index page) and see if that is what you’re looking for. If not tell us what is happening now (or link it) and tell us what your expectation is.

Hi Oregon 2015,

Which domain are you having this problem with? I checked out your account and it looks like one of your websites is loading, the other has no site data.

If you are still having difficulties please feel free to write in a support ticket or reply here.


Amy F

Did you double-checked that the directory where you are supposed to store your files is the actual directory? In the other hand, if you’re using a WYSIWYG editor, or Adobe Muse, you have to publish your website in order to get your HTML and CSS (and other assets), and not uploading your “project” files.