Website not working

I update my Parish website, when i went this morning to make some changes i was unable to even see the page(s). I also tried several different browsers and different computers, i even tried my phone (on the data network).

I am (by default) the administrator also. The person who set this up is now gone, and we have no info, nor are we likely to get it from him, so i can’t log into our account.

DreamHost is listed as the hosting provider.

I have sent a “ticket” i had to use “other” since every time i tried to use “tech support” it failed.

It appears there is no phone number to call, this concerns me, our site (and e-mail) not working is a real concern.

I checked with the folks who we have the front end through (eCatholic) and they say everything is fine on their end.

Am i missing a way to find out if there is a problem?

web site:



have you tried the form available here ? :

Open a ticket with support. It looks like your domain expired, and was renewed earlier today, but the site appears to still be down.

Updated Date: 2015-12-21T01:48:08Z
Creation Date: 2007-12-20T16:03:02Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2016-12-20T16:03:02Z

Do you host your domain with Dreamhost or do you use eCatholic? I see the domain is currently using Dreamhost’s name servers. If eCatholic is hosting your site, and Dreamhost is just for domain registration, you probably need to use eCatholic’s name servers. I don’t see any records for DNS, I’d say the lack of DNS records is the cause for the site to be down. displaying now for me :slight_smile: