Website Not Working

Im new to web design so this might be a dumb questions, but i cant get my website to work. I made a temporary page on dreamweaver and i uploaded it to my ftp to the directory that is name after my website. But when i go to the website it just shows an index with the files i uploaded in it, why am i doing wrong?

Did you name the “temporary page” index.html (or) htm


If not, the ‘index’ or the “homepage” will not load, you will just see a list in the directory.

No i didn’t name it index.html, that was the problem. Thank yo so much for the quick response, i really appreciate it.

I was having the same problem but now a different problem… I changed the coming soon page to index.html and the page loads and now the file index page is replaced by the black background of my page but where the page is supposed to be there is a small icon with a question mark in the center of page… When i do a browser check in dreamweaver, the page is fine… Im getting no errors and ftp is working flawlessly… Im only uploading one under construction/coming soon page (index.html) … Heres the link… Im getting so close i can feel it.

The question mark icon usually means that you’re missing an image, or it’s not where the index.html page thinks it should be. What’s the URL of your site?

Thats what i thought but the image is there… When i do a browser check or open files, everything is there… What i did was modified a template in photoshop/dreamweaver with all my information… There are actually 3 files in the dreamweaver folder… The photoshop, a jpeg, and the index.html… All 3 files are the same image… When i first uploaded to ftp, i uploaded all 3 files… After that didnt work, i delete the psd and jpeg file and only uploaded the one index.html with the same results… Oh, I edited the above post with the link… Thanks

Step 1) Get rid of any upper case letters in your files and folders. The web server is case sensitive and it just adds a level of complexity you can do without.

The website thinks the image is in /Desktop/Photo/ and you do not have a “Desktop” folder uploaded to your site. How are you uploading your site? Dreamweaver has a built in uploader.

I am uploading with dreamweaver… I did have caps in file and folder so i changed… Deleted everything on ftp and re uped and its still not showing up… One thing i did notice is there is a folder i did not put in the ftp directory… The folder is net2ftp_temp_xsk0f… Could that be the problem?? Didnt know if i needed it for the ftp?? There is only one small photo on my desktop i used when editing in photoshop… If that was the problem, wouldnt the rest of site show up just not the small photo?? Also, if it was edited in photoshop, it would have copied the small photo to the new psd file right?? Staring to get frustrated… Thanks for your help…

EDIT*** I think i know whats going on… Dreamweaver has files scattered all over the place… Notice i said Dreamweaver and not me?? Hahaha… Gonna go back and start from square one

Dreamweaver should know what you meant to do. :wink: Good luck with whipping it into shape.

Thanks man… Im trying but as you can tell, i am new to all this but very excited at what im learning… Very cool stuff… OK, I just got home from work so getting ready to tear into it again… Im deleting everything and starting from scratch and do have a question… What folders and files are supposed to be in in the ftp server directory?? I have 3 folders… maildir, logs, and… Also have 4 files .alias, .bash profile, .bashrc, and .cshrc… Ive been uploading everything to the folder right?? Just trying to figure out what i need and what i dont so i can start deleting… Thanks again…

All those other files and folders are fine and should be left alone. You only need to be concerned about the contents of the folder.

I am having the same problem but I did name my main page index.html. I don’t know what else I need to do! For whatever reason, my Dreamweaver/Dreamhost are not syncing and I cannot see any of my pages on my website, Can anyone help me? :frowning:

(Before asking questions I didn’t answer here, please see my thread post: - Thanks!)