Website not working after change name server

Hello experts,

Recently I have purchased a Dreamhost server. After purchasing the server I have changed the name server from old to the new one.

I have changed it before 2 days and still, my website( is pointing to the old name servers when I check it on whois lookup. Also, my domain is from Hostinger.

I don’t know what mistake I am doing. Please help me to get the solution.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi hiren,

WHOIS updates their info every few days, sometimes longer. It is natural for them not to have current info, especially if you just changed DNS in the last couple days.

Ok, let me wait for some time. I will get back to the forum if it will not work.
Thanks keyplyr

The DNS changes have to be made at your DNS registrar.
Hostinger DNS servers have a TTL (time to live) of 4 hours, so any changes to your records should be finalised within a maximum of 4 hours. If Hostinger are also your domain registrar you may need to double-check your dashboard over there. Perhaps reissuing the DNS alterations to DreamHost DNS servers will correct the records.

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