Website not showing

An IP test of my newly moved website says it’s being hosted at Dreamhost. Yet when I type in, I get a directory list, not the website.

Unfamiliar as I am with the directory structures and idiosyncrasies of Dreamhost (and lack of telephone support), can anyone suggest what to checK?

If you’ve set up a Fully Hosted Domain in the panel, you should find an folder in your home directory. That’s where your website belongs. And you’ll need an index.html or index.php file in there for your site’s main page.

From what I see, you did a one-click install of your site and put it in a blog/ subdirectory. If you want a “blog” subdomain, you’ll have to create a Fully Hosted Domain for that as well and call it
If you wanted to be the blog, don’t specify a directory for the installation into that domain. Just leave it blank and the blog will be your website.


Thank you!

Scott – thanks. This is exactly the information I needed. The first file I moved and tested worked! Yay!!!