Website not showing up right

Hi. I am very new to all this so please bear with me. I have uploaded my website (which is currently just a freebie template to experiment with uplaoding before I do my own) and when I go to my domain there is a weird page that says Index of/ and then if you click on the little highlighted link USA.swf you can see the website. Why is it not just going directly to that web page? Thanks for the help! I am overwhelmed with all this!

That is normal behavior, so dont’ worry - all is working as it is supposed to. :wink:

The thing to understand is that unless you specify in the url a particular page to display, the webserver will search for a file names “index.html” (or for one of several other pages) and display it if it finds it. If it doesn’t, and if you haven’t instructed the webserver to do otherwise via an .htaccess file), on DreamHost, that “directory listing” is what will be displayed.

To experiment with what I am describing, just place an html file (or even a text file) named index.html into your directory, and see what happens when you browse to http://yourdomain.tld. :wink: