Website not showing up after FTP upload on Filezilla?

Hi everyone!

I am an intern at a small firm, and I was tasked with getting the company website sorted out. The owner already had a domain hosted on DreamHost. He gave me his account information, and I built a website on Adobe Muse. I made a username for myself on his DreamHost dashboard and then made myself the owner of the domain.

I attempted to upload the website using Adobe Muse’s FTP upload function, but it did not connect. I exported to HTML and I tried to use Filezilla. After a bit of troubleshooting it worked like a charm! Everything uploaded. I placed all of the files from the HTML export into the folder Home --> My Username --> (domain name). I thought that this was where it was all supposed to go.

However, the website is not appearing when I type the domain into a browser. I am super confused! I’ve scoured old forum posts until eventually I gave up and decided to make my own post.

Can someone please help me? I’m so lost!

Neverymind!!! I figured it out! Turns out it just takes a while to upload lol. Thanks!

Hey madelinelee14,

Glad to hear you got that sorted out! If you get stuck again you can also reach out to us via Live Chat for immidiate support.


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