Website not reachable over IPv6


Is anyone else having IPv6 reachability issues to their Dreamhost website since World IPv6 Launch started? I haven’t been able to connect via IPv6 to it in days, plus every time I try to validate it externally to my location using: it’s able to pull a AAAA record but can’t connect via IPv6. I was working fine until recently.

My site is


Have you opened a ticket with support? Please let us know what they say as well.


Yep, sure did. They fixed whatever problem they had. See response below:

[quote]Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for your patience in this matter! I have responded below.

On Fri, 15 Jun 2012, you wrote:


My site is on the list of participants for World IPv6 Launch and it has not
been reachable for some time over IPv6. The measurement dashboard
( is showing my site as down.
Having IPv6 enabled is very important for my business. Please let me know
when it is available again. As you can see it’s not reachable even though it
has a valid AAAA record:

And voila! I have just been informed that our network engineering team
just solved the problem! Your site looks to be up on IPv6 on the
following IPv6 test validation place thingies!

If there’s anything else we can assist you with, please do not hesitate
to write back to us!


I guess they don’t do network morniroting for IPv6??


I just checked my websites and also seem to not IPv6 ready.
I know what the IPv6 is and why, but does it make any difference that the websites are not up on IPv6.

Simpified, will people not be able to connect to my websites?


Well I’m certainly glad there are IPv6 test validation “place thingies”!

I see also that my sites don’t work under IPv6, although they did a few weeks ago.


There are netowrks in Asia that are only getting IPv6 allocations right now. Soon Europe will run out of IPv4. So if IPv6-only networks try to get to your IPv4-only website, they will not be able to reach them unless you either add the IPv6 address to your site using Dreamhost’s panel or “hope” there’s a translation mechanism for them somewhere.

Did you add an IPv6 address to your DNS domain? <-- go to “add IP”


Yes I did, twice. Over a year ago I added IPv6 IP’s then deleted them after the discussion in this thread

Then I added them again this year, and was rewarded with joy the next day. Hoverer now they don’t work again. Hopefully andrewf will again comment on dreamhosts status re: IPv6