Website Not Loading


I have signed up on DH about 2 hours ago, and i have uploaded my index.html on the right folder… and it’s not working!

I have done this before… but I don’t know if DH takes time on validating my account. I am assuming its validated since I have gotten an email about FTP access and such.

Please advise.

did you upload to /home/username/ or /home/username/ ???

if the files exists as /home/username/index.html then move it to /home/username/

I have uploaded it to /home/username/ … what did i do wrong? is there something wrong with my configs on the DH panel?.. what is going on?

on the manage domains page in the dreamhost panel does the domain show as “Fully Hosted” in the web hosting column? There is a user shown there also, is that the same user you are using to ftp?

finally, is this a new registered domain? Are you getting a DNS failure when the page fails to load, or is the server responding with anything? It may be that DNS for your domain is not yet fully propagated yet. If its been more than 12 hours you can force a refresh on the DNS tab in the panel.