Website not loading? (godaddy domain, dreamhost host)

  1. I set the nameserve on godaddy to dreamhost’s nameserve
  2. I ftp-ed onto dreamhost and put an index.html in the site’s directory.

I get the “cannot find the server” on my browser.

In the dreamhost domain toolbox, my domain is “fully hosted”

What am i missing?

It’s possible it hasn’t fully propagated yet and you have to give it another day or so. Or it’s possible you mistyped something in the setup. Or it’s possible that either GoDaddy or Dreamhost screwed something up behind the scenes. Hard to tell without more information.

GoDaddy sucks, anyway; they were among the authors of the pernicious SOPA law that’s going through Congress to censor the Internet for the benefit of the entertainment industry’s crusade against piracy. I’ve transferred some domains formerly registered with them to Dreamhost’s own registrar service.

If you give us the domain name in question we can probably help you more since DNS records and domain nameserver records are publically available. I would agree you are most likely just waiting for propagation, which is a series of events that once started is not in the direct hands of either Dreamhost or godaddy. In most cases 12-24 hours will do the trick, however it could take up to 3 days to propagate worldwide.

try a whois or dig check to make sure your domain is being directed to dreamhost’s nameservers. if it is, then the problem is something with file permissions or .htaccess or something.

Thanks guys, it really was just a waiting issue, in my case a little over a day after i set the nameserve on godaddy.