Website not found

When I try to goto my page in my browser I get the “Page not found” web page insted.

I have built a simple html file and named it index.html

When I log into my net2ftp
I can login using ftp server
But it doesn’t work if I use ftp server:

So I logged in and put my index.html file into the folder named but when I try to visit my site via browser it still says page not found. My account has been open for about 3 days, do i just need to wait longer, or is there something else i need to do?

Thanks in advance

did you point the dns of your domain name to dreamhost servers at your registrar?
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I registered it through dreamhost about 3 days ago

What’s the URL for your site?


It sure looks like you haven’t set it up as a Fully Hosted Domain. Double check in Domains -> Manage Domains and click Edit for that domain. You see its information in the Fully Hosted Settings section as a blue box with a green arrow pointing to it as being active.

If all else fails, delete it from Manage Domains and and try again.


Mine Has that, The green arrow says active. I just looked back through my emails though, and one of them says that my server is temporarily until my domain is working, then it will change to I will try patience. Ill give it 2 more days then try emailing or calling.

Go back to Edit Domain, don’t change anything, but click the Save Settings (or whatever it’s called) button to force a refresh.


I tried it, ill keep you updated, still nothing yet.

All fixed…It was on their end…DNS routing error

Online tech support fixed it in 2 minutes

Thanks For all your help