Website move

I have 2 similar problems. I bought 2 websites. One I has the domain name at Godaddy that I own. The old owner needs to transfer the file to Dreamhost and I have included that domain as being hosted here, but I prefer to leave the registration at Godaddy.

The other site is a new domain name included with the site.
I want to host it on Dreamhost and register through Godaddy.

I have put both domain names in MYSQL to be hosted, and they are active.

The old owner trying to load the sites in says they need my separate CP for each site with login and password. This is over my head. Help!

He doesn’t need a seperate control panel for each site. In order to get the included domain with your Dreamhost account, you would need to register the free one with Dreamhost.

You can just add the domains in and create the databases. At that point you can provide him FTP access to upload the files and the username/password for the MYSQL database you will be providing for the sites.

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