Website mirroring vs. redirect?


I’m new to all of this, I’ve successfully transferred my site from GoDaddy to Dreamhost (yay!), and have the .com version on Dreamhost, now I want to transfer the .org version from GoDaddy to Dreamhost. The .org is the main url, so it is live. I want to move it over to DH, but I’m not sure what the best steps are. This is my main site and usually I just forward the .com site to it. Now I’ve built a new site (.com) on DH, and that works and the old site (.org) is on GoDaddy and that works, they’re separate sites.

Do I forward the GoDaddy to DH, then move the domain registration to DH? Then set up a redirect on DH? Or do I set up a mirror or redirect on DH first for the .org site and then forward, or change the domain servers on GoDaddy? How do I do this?

Also, I want to make a new website in addition to this, how do I start another one (can you point me to a tutorial or instructions to add another domain name and create a whole new directory tree/wordpress installation?)

Thank you, and sorry to be so clueless, just new and don’t want to make a mistake porting this and have a lot of downtime.

Depends if the .com and the .org are for different tasks (completely different usage, content, etc.)

To create a new domain just register it and add it in your Panel as Fully Hosted.

The .com and .org should point to the same wordpress site. Before, I had the .org as the primary site an the .com was forwarded to that site. I would like it to be the same. So if the user types in, they get

The new domain name is on GoDaddy and I can’t transfer the domain name until it’s been there at least 60 days. So I need to have the site: (is this a subdomain setup?)

Thank you!

it is possible to have the domain registered with GoDaddy but to use DreamHosts namesevers. That way you will not need to pay both places for hosting (you can cancel your hosting with GoDaddy but still keep your Domain registration)

Once you change the Nameservers to Dreamhost, you can then add your .org address to DreamHost (without moving the registration)
After you have your Domain on DreamHost, you will probably need to change your WordPress site to use the .org address as the domain for that site.
THEN, once that is all working properly, set the .com address to Redirect to the .org address, and when someone types in the .com address they will end up at the .org address.