Website Migration

I am currently using Dreamhost just for DNS. Our website is hosted on another hosts servers. We are planning to move our website, but it will take several days to complete.

I was hoping I could configure Dreamhost so we can setup our website on the Dreamhost servers, while still having DNS point to our other webhost (while using local hosts file to work on the dreamhost server).

Is this possible? If so, how can I configure it? Right now with DNS configured to point to our other host, our Dreamhost account doesnt have a website setup. And if I try to setup a website, it looks like it will hijack the DNS settings and force them to our Dreamhost server which will kill our site, since theres nothing there yet.


Don’t think this is going to work for me though. I’m already using Dreamhost for DNS and DNS is just pointing to our old host. Which means our site technically isnt created on Dreamhost, so theres no www folder and I suspect the apache.conf file doesn’t have info for our site. I tried the ‘Mirrored’ setting, but it only lets me ‘mirror’ a subdomain I’ve created so that won’t work.

The way it looks now, my only option is to change the DNS settings to create our domain on Dreamhost (removing the DNS pointing to the old server) and pointing it to Dreamhost, but there isnt anything there, so our site will be offline until we can migrate.

Is there a way I can ‘create’ our site, but still have DNS point to an external server?

Yes. Simply build the site using a subdomain, when it comes time to re-direct the dns you will have to search and replace in the datababase for and replace it with “

I’ll try that! I’m using Joomla, so it looks like its just one place in the config.php file that needs to be updated.

Once I have the site set up at say,, what is the next step to switch it to Does everything stay at and I just use the mirror setting on

Not sure what Joomla stores in the the database but there maybe references there as well. Typically content, links etc. often times generate url references.

There are multiple ways of doing this, and that is one of them. What I would do is host both and on the same server user and then at the time of the switch I would rename the directories for each site… i.e.: --> temp -->
temp -->

I don’t like leaving mirrors around, google doesn’t either and could penalize your sites search rating for duplicate content.

Yes, thanks. I don’t like the mirrors either. It feels like a sloppy way of doing it, but I think the renaming will work.

Much appreciated.