Website Loading Speed Confusion?

Hi Everyone,

Tech support really wasn’t helpful so I’m reaching out to see if anyone can offer suggestions on how to fix this?

I just moved over to Dreamhost yesterday and am having some strange speed issues on the back and front end.

When I’m trying to do anything in the back end, it takes about 14-17 seconds to do things like load a new optimized image, or preview the site.

When trying to view the site it takes about 7-9 seconds to load.

But when I do a test on GTmetrix, is says it loading in 1.5 seconds.

It’s taking a very long time to build the site with the delays but I’m more worried about loosing customers due to the slow loading time.

I do have WP Fastest Cache installed but there has to be more to this.

Can anyone offer any advice?

For me, the solution was to move my sites VPS and mysql database to the same data center on the West coast.

I did a Traceroute and provided the information to Dreamhost support. They made the changes for me. It took about an hour for this to complete once they started.

I’m not sure about your site (it loaded very quickly for me)?

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