Website isnt updating / working?

Here’s the deal. My website was working fine before, I could make a folder, and it would show up in the directory thing that was there since there was nothing else yet. Now, I added my index and it came up fine. I noticed the title needed to be changed and after that, I replaced the file, and now nothing works.

The index doesnt show up, any folders I make dont show up. They show up and work on the FTP, but nothing changes on the actual site.

What’s wrong?

Are you sure it is not just your browser caching the old version of the site? Try clearing your browser cache and trying again.

Also, make sure that you are creating the directories / files within the sub-directory for your domain, this sub-directory will be of the form ‘


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Yes, i’ve cleared everything out, still no go. Also, yes im sure im creating / putting everything in the right place. My websites name is, so lets say…

I startup smart-ftp, click folder, make a folder in there and name it test then upload a picture. Wouldnt work? I should atleast see “test” there when I go to The files are there, I can go to the ftp and look my index and stuff, but nothing on the site changes.

I just checked your site and the index.htm file (an ASCII picture) is being displayed here when I browse to

Yes, it should work.

A couple of things to check;

Check the capitalization of your directory/file names, it is possible that case sensitivity is causing your problems.

Is your web browser configured to use a proxy? If so, it is possible that the proxy is caching the site. Try disabling the proxy (if possible).


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