Website is not showing up at all


I created a website in DreamWeaver and uploaded all the elements to the FTP. I checked the connection in DreamWeaver and it said it was fine. Automated checks from DreamHost say nothing’s wrong.

When I search on browsers, my website doesn’t show up at all. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Did you upload to the right place? It should be /home/YOURUSERNAME/YOURDOMAIN.COM directory.

If you have uploaded to the right place and your site is not showing up, probably it is a new domain. It will take a while for DNS to propagate.


You are right. DreamHost informed me the DNS records were not created. They have done it now. But my site still isn’t working 8 hours later. Do I need to put in a special http:// in Dreamweaver’s site manager to get this site working?


Is your site showing up now? It may take 24 hours for DNS to propagate.

What is your domain name?