Website is Down


First, my web developer is on vacation and has no service. I don’t have the DreamHost account - she does - so I can’t contact tech support.

My site has been hanging for about a week. When I get to it, it is extremely slow. Now it seems to be gone completely. I can’t get to the site or my Admin side.

I have no idea where to go to get help or what to do. Can someone here help me?


What’s the site? I can take a look.

You’re also welcome to contact tech support via :slight_smile:

Oh, that would be awesome!! The site is:

I had one of our admins take a look, and it seems your VPS was stuck. So sorry for the inconvenience! He rebooted it and your VPS and site are now functioning well again. Everything good on your end?

I’m not sure what a VPS is, but thank you! It looks to be up.

I have some product up upload, which is where I was having the “hanging” problems; I’d get maybe three items uploaded and it would get stuck, so I’ll let you know if I experience any of that.

Thank you so much for your help.

Can someone take a look at my site?

It has been on and offline for about 2 weeks now. Lots of 500 errors. Hosted on Eskimos server. Databases and sites are gone. Can’t FTP or login to FTP.

Bradmac, we’re moving eskimos to new hardware right now, so this should fix your problems. As soon as that’s done, you should see a pick up in speed and response.

Can someone take a look at my site?

I’ve been trying (for 3 days) to post revisions to my website but they aren’t reflected on my website.

iWeb “Site Publishing Settings” says the website has been updated but not so.

My website: