Website is down every 5 minutes

Every 5 to 20 minutes our website is down for a few minutes or longer, up to 9 hours yesterday. When up it’s slow and when it’s down the server says it’s too busy… Terrible.
Maybe someone from support want to take a look?

Have you opened a ticket? Dreamhost does look here, but the most efficient thing to do is open a ticket before also discussing it here for additional attention.

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Have you opened a ticket?[/quote]
Ok. I ask our site’s webmaster. thx.

Strange, I commented here and it was removed.

I saw your comment. Thx :slight_smile:
Don’t know why it was removed though, there was nothing wrong with it.

Your site’s forum section is loading really quickly for me, as well as the rest of the site. I do see that the Apache service your site is hosted on was restarted earlier today, which may have alleviated the downtime you were seeing. Is everything good on your end now?

Thanks. It was up for almost 24 hours after the restart, and is down for about 3 hours now.

I’d like to try moving your site to another Apache instance on the server, to see how it fares there. I’ve sent an email to the primary email address on the account under which is hosted. Please reply directly to my email with how you’d like to proceed. Thanks!

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I’d like to try moving your site to another Apache instance on the server, to see how it fares there.[/quote]

That was really helpfull for the last two months. Unfortunately the exact same problems started 5 days ago. I hope it gets fixed soon.

I guess I’m not the only one though… :frowning:

I fear this is a never ending story when I look at the length of time we have this problem with the vps. Now again for more than two weeks, regular downtimes, slow responses with time-outs (>30secs). Members complain. We need to use the site every hour with garantee that we can reach it, for 100%, like you said so on your mainpage.

Support can’t find anything, reset server once in a while, and gave advise to optimize the website. But that’s already done, months ago. We don’t have a very large site with many members. Sometimes the site works fast without a problem for weeks, and with the same configuration. It’s very frustrating why.

Does this sound familiar to others?
What can we do?