Website hits?

I would like to know how many hits my website is getting. I know I could put a counter on it but don’t really want that.

I looked in the Log folder of my Dreamhost account and it is empty… so where/how can i learn how many hits I am getting?

Please answer in not too technical terms.

you can go to
swap out the bit for your actual domain

Here’s the wiki entry for the above mentioned stats:


Thank you - there sure is a lot of info - I looked at the wiki but was unable to find any explanation of what all those statistics represent and which are important… or rather, how I should interpret the results and how I might be able to exploit that information for my website.

Where could I find that?

You may want to try another website statistics tool AWStats. It is easier to understand. However you will need to install it yourself. If you have experience with unix installation, it shouldn’t be different to install it following this article.

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It can be a bit intimidating to interpret analog’s reports. Fortunately, the author of analog has written some great articles on what those numbers really mean which are well worth reviewing for anyone wanting to really understand log analysis software.

–DreamHost Tech Support

That does look like it is more what I need. As luck would have it… beyond admiring the screen shots at, I have no clue regarding installation.

Thanks, though. At least I know what is available.

Google Analytics might be what you’re after.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Why do I need a secure login when using the dreamhost statistics link but can see these stats with just the domain name? Is there something I need to add to my directories to secure this information?

You need to add a User for access to block global access. Click the wrench in the Users with Access column to configure this.


Do # reqs = website hits, and # page reqs stand for # pages visited within the site?

See Analog

Successful requests
The number of times someone succeeded in accessing any file at your site.

Successful requests for pages
The number of times someone succeeded in accessing a “page” file at your site (files ending in .html, .htm, .php, .cgi, etc…)

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