Website hits

how do i find out how many hits my site gets?
i checked the stats page, but don’t know how to interpret data.

that depends what you mean by ‘hits’. do you want to know how many visits from unique IP addresses? how many actual hits on a page? this is a very difficult subject, and not as simple as it would seem.

looking at the ‘sucessful requests for pages’ and ‘distinct hosts served’ will give you some idea.

if you need a rough idea, adding a counter ( to your site will give you that. if you don’t want visitors to your site to see it, you can shrink the image to 1 pixel by 1 pixel (making it basically invisible), and then view the URL directly.

if you need more detailed statistics, i’d suggest getting a stats program for your home machine and downloading your raw logs files. this will give you a more detailed longterm picture.