Website Help

Ok… I just signed up with Dreamhost because i want to create a webpage. I already have a free site over at geocities. I used the geocities page builder to build my free website. Now, how do I make a website and upload it to my domain? I do not know html code so I would need an easy to use step by step page builder like the one over at geocities. Does dreamhost offer anything like that? Any help is appreciated!

DH doesn’t offer anything like that but there are quite a few applications like that. NVU is my favorite out of that bunch. As for uploading your website, you need to use FTP. DH has kindly provided a large amount of articles about FTP in their KBase. Have a look:

Thanks for the help. So basically I need to make the website and then publish it through Dreamhost? Is the NVU program free? Also, does it allow you to build the site without using html code? I like to see what I am doing, while I am doing it, just like the geocities site builder allows. Any more suggestions? Thanks again

You’re on the right track. NVU is free and will do exactly what you want. It lets you create your site in design mode (drag-and-drop, type text, make links, just like geocities’ builder, but better) and you can also work in code more (for when you learn HTML).